Whizzinator Review 2016 – Will It Help You Pass Your Test?

In this review, we will be taking a close look at the Whizzinator to determine whether or not it works still in 2016. However, before answering this question, we first want to give a breakdown of this device and explain how it works.

How much does the Whizzinator cost?

The Touch is currently sold for $135.95 at Whizzinator.com.

Yes, It Does Work

After review, the Whizzinator Touch device does work. However, if you would like to pass, that isn’t the right question to ask. Your success will depend on the kind of synthetic urine you are using (unless you are given clean urine by a friend). The reason why most people fail is due to using a counterfeit or bad fake brand of urine.

Basics Of The Whizzinator

urine or synthetic urineIt is essentially a strap-on penis that uses a belt to secure it to your waist (there are also models for women). There is an area for storing real (“clean”) urine or synthetic urine. The most recent model is called the Touch. The user can squeeze the penis, and the valve is released. After it has been squeezed, the “urine” flows out of it and into the desired location.

Note: the original/old Whizzantor works still. The only difference between the two is there is not a valve (“squeeze”) system that is used by the older version for releasing the urine. Although it does work, it doesn’t have the same natural appearance if somebody is watching – or if someone is closely paying attention to whatever sounds you are making.

Synthetic Urine Explained

Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is the synthetic urine that is most trusted. The counterfeits should definitely be avoided. It continues working on the urine screening. The Whizzinator Touch and real Quick Fix are sold at Whizzinators.com.

Women: For more information on the Female device, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Whizzinator really work?

Yes, our review shows that if used correctly, the Whizzinator penis does work as advertised. However, the Whizzinator itself is actually not the product that is in question, to be fair. The only real question is: will the synthetic urine I’m using with the Whizzinator device work?

We recommend the Whizzinator Touch. It comes standard with Golden Shower, which is a dehydrated urine. Although on most screenings, it does work. We strongly recommend that you use Quick Fix Plus 6.1.

In terms of synthetic urine, it is fairly cut and dry that the most reliable is Quick Fix Plus. What that means is that we firmly recommend that you purchase the Whizzinator Touch along with Quick Fix (version 6.1). You can safely buy both of them at Wihzzinator.com, which will also lower your shipping costs as well.

Is it available in different colors?

Yes, the Whizzinator comes in five different colors for you to choose from:

  • White
  • Black
  • Latino
  • Brown
  • Tan

Where To Purchase?

Head to Whizzinators.com if you want to buy the Quick Fix fake urine and Whizzinator Touch from the same place.

Is a heating pad needed?

Yes, we strongly recommend that a heating pad is used. Quality pads can be found here.

How To Make A Whizzinator

Due to its simplicity, many individuals try making their device. For men, you just need a prosthetic penis, wrapped turkey baster, and warm packs, along with clean underwear.It can be frustrating attempt to put all of the pieces together. The $100 price on a majority of the products does lead many people to try making their own. However, a homemade device is more likely to fail, so you are usually better off just to purchase one.

History Of The Whizzinator

The Whizzinator is a highly popular device used for overcoming urine tests. The device has appeared in the media on a frequent basis and has been used by celebrities and athletes alike. In 2005, its popularity peaked when an NFL running back by the name of Onterrio Smith got caught having one. However, he was just caught with it, rather than caught using it. Airport security found the device when checking his bags along with several containers with dried urine in them. Tom Sizemore was another celebrity that caught with one. However, he didn’t use heat packs and handed cold urine over. He got busted with his fake penis and was forced to strip naked.

temperature needs to be 98 to 100 degreesThe original Whizzinator was created by Puck Technology. Over the past several years it has continued, and records indicate that individuals are still buying it. Competition came onto the scene a few years ago, with products like the Urinator and Pissinator. The best features of the Whizzinator are that it come with a life-like penis in addition to anything else that you might need like synthetic urine and heat pads. A failing point on many similar products has been the urine temperature. The temperature needs to be 98 to 100 degrees. Otherwise, the labs won’t accept it.

Women aren’t left out here. A female version is available as well. The version is worn around the waist and has a tube running between the legs. A company named CUPID has a version for women available for women that is called SheWizz. It has an insertable bladder. Even when nude, it isn’t easy to detect this insertable version.

Less Expensive Options

These devices are fairly expensive. However, your best option usually isn’t a homemade device either. One easy way of avoiding the high cost and still having a device that can help you pass your urine test is a device that costs only $20. This device is a medical bag that comes with a drainage tube. It can be filled with synthetic urine, although it isn’t clear how it works. Hand warmers can be used afterward, costs approximately $10, and then the device is ready to go. This device is less complicated than a majority of the homemade ones. It is much less expensive as well. However, it might not be as reliable as the commercial counterpart. It’s the best option if you aren’t going to be watched, or you will be using somebody else’s urine.

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