Different Types Of Whizzinators

There aren’t a large number of whizzinators out there. There’s a model from ALS, and there’s another model from Massive Dynamics. That’s it. I was already curious about a product that has only two models in existence. The fact that so many people seem to be experiencing confusion simply heightens that curiosity.

Both products are hand operated. However, one requires only one hand, while the other requires both hands to operate properly. Which is which? It’s shocking how little so many people know about whizzinators!

Luckily, keep reading and you’ll find the information you’ve been lacking. I’ve used the Massive Dynamics whizzinator and written a number of reviews about the product. So when I decided to research more information, I was naturally more interested in the ALS brand whizzinators.

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1: Massive Dynamics vs. ALS
2: Readying The Whizzinator XXX
3: What Are The Differences?
4: Conclusion

Massive Dynamics vs. ALS

100% disease freeThe specialty product of ALS is the Whizzinator Touch. According to the ALS website, the Whizzinator Touch uses medical grade urine, an easy to use pack, and an ultra-quiet flow system. One thing that’s been proven is how safe the Whizzinator Touch is for any scenario that might come up. It’s an incredibly discreet synthetic urine and is guaranteed 100% disease free.

The synthetic urine also comes in a variety of types. They’re designed to be suitable for people of all different racial backgrounds. Due to this fact, it’s possible to purchase a Whizzinator that comes with a specially designed prosthetic that mimics their penile color. Is there anything confusing about it? There seems to be some amount of disagreement over whether you use one, or both hands to operate the Whizzinator Touch.

Preparing The Whizzinator XXX

In order to learn for sure, I ordered a Whizzinator Touch. While other models may differ, the one I received required both hands in order to operate. You pinch the tip off with one hand while using the other to operate the flow valve. Once the flow valve is opened, you should continuously squeeze the tip of the prosthetic until you require the synthetic urine to be used.

What Are The Differences?

requires the use of a single handThe video I watched seemed to suggest that once you squeeze the prosthetic, the urine can flow. However, I discovered that the urine was flowing long after I’d stopped squeezing. Whether or not that’s true in every case, that was my experience. Oddly enough, the website makes no mention of whether the Whizzinator Touch is operated with two hands, or only one.

Does that mean people who think the Whizzinator Touch is designed for operation with a single hand are wrong or misinformed?

Likely not. While there’s no mention of it on the website, there are many magazine ads that state the Whizzinator Touch only requires the use of a single hand.


By now, we’ve managed to find the source of the confusion about how to operate the prosthetic. While there have been a variety of opinions on how to operate it, none of those videos have any bearing on how effective the product actually is.

The Massive Dynamics brand is called the Real Whizzinator XXX 1, which uses an internally positioned pinch valve in order to control urine flow. The valve is placed strategically near the prosthetic’s tip. Here, it can open and close in order to keep control of the flow of urine. Pinching the shaft gently is all that’s required in order to start and stop the flow. While there may be confusion over the Whizzinator Touch, the Real Whizzinator XXX 1 is known to require only one hand to operate. Due to the single valve design, you hold the prosthetic in the same way you’d hold your real penis while urinating.

The one I ordered for review did not require a single hand to operate. It’s made by the same company that created the Pissinator and bore quite a bit of resemblance to that product. The only difference I was able to discover is that the Real Whizzinator XXX 1 comes with a free refill, whereas the Pissinator does not. Now that you understand a bit more about how these products work, I hope you get what you need out of them!

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