Whizzinator FAQ

These questions and answers are for the individual who is wanting to ask questions about our products and understand them better. However, before going any further, be sure to read our comprehensive Whizzinator review here.

1. How does the Whizzinator XXX begin and end the flow of the synthetic urine?

Answer: The Whizzinator XXXX comes with an off value. To start and stop the flow of urine, you twist it on or off, respectively.

2. What is the capacity of the Whizzinator XXX reservoir bag for synthetic urine?

Answer: It is approximately 4 ounces or 150mL. To achieve the best outcome, it is recommended that it be filled to 130mL just to be safe.

3. How does the device function from the beginning of the synthetic urine flow to the end?

Answer: There is an inside valve that works to control the flow of synthetic urine. Close to the tip of the prosthetic, on the shaft, you need to use a small pinch. You can just use one hand to do the work.If you need to turn it off for some reason, you just have to stop pinching. This will automatically stop it. This is even easier to do when placed under the armpit because elastic straps can be used. When you do this, the flow increasing according to how much urine needs to be removed out of the prosthetic device.

4. How much synthetic urine can be held in the reservoir bag?

Answer: It is 4 ounces or around 150mL. Our expert advice is that the user makes sure to fill it to 130mL just to be safe. That is recommended due to preventing any danger if there is any leakage. Place the Reservoir Bag under the armpit. It will be secure and safe there. Once it is in place, applying a squeeze will allow the smooth flow of synthetic urine.

5. What parts are included with the real Whizzinator device?

Answer: Along with detailed easy to follow instructions, there is the prosthetic unit, reusable refill pump, temperature indicator and 2-8 hour heat packs. All of the gear above is needed for it to function properly.

6. What is a prosthetic?

Answer: A majority refer to prostheses for missing arms and legs. However, a real faux penis should be the real term.

7. What is included in the actual Whizzinator XXX 1 kit?

Answer: There is a comprehensive set of gear included: a four-ounce remote mount reservoir bag, elastic strap, reusable refill pump, and 2-8 hour heat pack. A complete set of very helpful and fully detailed instructions are included as well.

8. Does a First Aid Kit come with the device?

Answer: It comes with a 4-ounce reservoir bag, temperature bag, reservoir bag elastic strap, vial of synthetic urine (laboratory grade), reusable refill pump and one tube clamp. Detailed instructions and information are also included.

9. Is it available in different colors?

Answer: Currently we stock around six different standard colors. However, you aren’t necessarily limited since we can custom one in your preferred color. For your custom color, there will be some additional charges that you incur. However, for more information on this, you can contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

10. What is synthetic urine?

regular human urineAnswer: With synthetic urine you are guaranteed to receive the same solution found in regular human urine. This solution is comprised of magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, urea and other components. The major difference between synthetic urine and human urine is that the synthetic kind is made up right inside of labor. You don’t need to worry about the compounds since all of them are contained in the synthetic urine.

11. What is the real Whizzinator XXX?

Answer: It is known as a sex toy as well that is made for adults specifically. It is also sterile, so you don’t need to worry about the hygienic aspect. It is a brand new gadget and very useful for stimulating sex.

Final Notes

The primary purpose of creating this device was to help fill the needs of individuals who are concerned with human urine being involved during sex. Despite the fact that human urine isn’t a bacteria, germ or virus, for some people it can be potentially dangerous. That is why the real Whizzinator XXX is needed. To enjoy sex free sex, you should embrace it.

When it is used, an individual doesn’t have to worry about it becoming contaminated by other contaminants. It has been well researched so that everyone is kept happy and so they can experience sex without having a lot of complications. In addition, it has been hygienically tested that is work on human bodies and also works well with real human urine.It isn’t necessary for you to put up with your problems. Consumers will be happy to know that no matter what your urine problem is, there is a solution for it.

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