Fake Urine At The Correct Temperature

Urine is frequently used for various kinds of screenings, and many individuals aren’t comfortable with the results that might be returned. Over the course of your research, you might have already come across the term ‘synthetic urine. There is an excellent reason for this. Regarding successfully passing this kind of screening, one of the best assets to have is fake urine. It is very easy to use the best fake or synthetic urine and simple to use this kind of product. You just need first to read all of the fine print carefully and then do precisely what the manufacturer tells you to do. However, one of the more important aspects is being able to maintain the synthetic urine’s temperature at a particular level.

You may be wondering, why is that so important? The reason is that the first thing that a lab technician will look at when checking a urine sample provided by an individual going through screening is the temperature. The ideal temperature is 94 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The first thing that you need to be concerned with is keeping your sample within that range.

To ensure that your sample isn’t rejected, you just need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if you would like to make sure that you don’t have any unexpected problems arise and would like to be prepared in advance, then use the following tips on maintaining your fake urine sample at the proper temperature.

Steps To Take

1. Hand warmers – a small trick that does wonder
2. An important heat source is your body
3. Put sample in a microwave

Hand Warmers – A Small Trick

hand warmersA good source of heat is the only thing you need to keep a urine sample warm. In this case, hand warmers come in very handy, since they can be purchased from practically any store that is in your local area. Try to find warmers that last longer and are more efficient, since that will help to ensure that your sample is maintained at the proper temperature until you take your exam.

Here is how you should use your hand warmers for your intended purpose. Take one of the hand warmers and wrap it around the container holding your sample. To keep it in place, use elastic bands if necessary. To avoid having any issues, check the temperature a couple of times. Most importantly, check to see if the thermometer value is displaying the correct range. That way, you will know that the sample temperature won’t cause the lab technicians who are in charge of your screening to be suspicious.

Important: Usually, temperature strips are included with fake urine products. This allows you to check the values easily. However, just in case you get one without that accessory, you can just purchase one or more strips from a local pharmacy. It is important to know your sample’s exact temperature in order to pass your screening.

An Important Heat Source Is Your Body

kept between their legsYou might have noticed that the temperature range that is needed for your sample is very close to the normal body temperature range. That leads to a very useful and simple conclusion: your body can be used as a heat source to ensure that your sample is at the proper temperature. Synthetic urine frequently comes in small plastic bags. So the sample can be attached somewhere on your body in order to make sure it displays the correct temperature when subjected to testing.

Women and men utilize different strategies for using their body heat to bring their samples to the correct temperature. For instance, men prefer to place the sample near their crotch area, since usually that is where the highest body temperature is. Here is a useful tip: for this task use tighter briefs to ensure your sample doesn’t slip out. Women can also use their crotches for maintaining their samples at the correct temperature. The bag containing the fake urine should be kept between their legs to achieve the desired result. The most efficient place for this task is the genital area. What also works well is to place the sample in between two pairs of panties or underwear.

Put The Sample Inside A Microwave

If you have the opportunity of heating your urine sample using a microwave, that is a very easy way of achieving your goal. After you use the device, shake the bag and check the temperature to prevent any mishaps from taking place.

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