What Makes Quick Fix Plus So Good?

You might have heard negative reviews of Quick Fix Plus 6.1; people claiming that it doesn’t work and what a scam it is. Well, I’ll say using Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is like golfing: just because you have the best clubs in the world, does not mean that you’ll be the best golfer. What I mean is that you need to use this product correctly to gain positive results. Otherwise, you will be up for some major disappointment. In this post, we shall be reviewing the instructions along with the frequently asked questions.

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Using Quick Fix The Right Way

Before we continue, this post assumes that you are using fake urine by the laws of your state or country. This article assumes that you are using this product to test yourself in the comfort of your home, and we are not to be held responsible for any illegal actions.


First and foremost, it is important that you ensure that the fake piss is at the ideal temperature. Want to learn the importance of this? You can read more about it here.

microwave for not more that 10 minutesTo keep Quick Fix Plus at the perfect temperature, open the container and place it in the microwave for not more that 10 minutes. You don’t want to overheat the fake piss. If you do not own or have access to a microwave, you can use a heating pad. These can be readily found at the local drug stores. If you are unsure of the right one, you can consider purchasing one from QuickFixSynthetic.com as they sell the heating pads needed to get the pee at the required temperature. If you use a heating pad, then ensure the fake pee gets heated for at least an hour.

After heating the sample, the next thing is to shake the contents. Make sure you take a look at the temperature gauge, and it should read between 94 and 100. This is the temperature that will give you positive results. If you notice that the temperature of the synthetic urine sample is below 94 degrees, toss it back to the microwave for a few more seconds and ensure you check the temperature again. When picking the number of seconds, it is wise to be on the conservative side. If the sample goes over 100 degrees, then give it some time to cool down.

From here, the next thing you will want to do is maintain the sample at the ideal temperature before you hand it in for testing. Here, we recommend using a rubber band to keep it intact with the heating pad. A heating pad should secure the sample and safely keep it at the ideal temperature for 4 to 5 hours. This time should be more than enough for you to arrive at your destination.

As a side note, it is recommended that you keep the taped sample in your pocket as this is the best way to keep the synthetic urine sample at the right temperature. When the time to be tested comes, it is important that you take a final look at the temperature gauge. Before you remove the fake urine for testing, the sample should read between 94 and 100. Otherwise, the sample will not work. If the contents are below this range, it would be wise to put it back against your body for a temperature rise.

When it’s at the right temperature, you can pour the contents in your home testing kit. If you followed all the instructions to the letter, then you can be assured of positive results.

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